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Ickford School

The Laar Award

At the end of each academic year, every member of staff meets to discuss and vote for the recipient of The Laar Award. This award is given to the pupil who, throughout their time at Ickford School, has manifested the values of Kindness, Honesty, Respect and Determination in all aspects of their school life.

The award was created to show appreciation to Mr Bill Laar and named after him. Bill is a former primary school headteacher and local authority inspector in Birmingham, Oxfordshire and London, where he was Deputy Director of Education. He was patron of the National Primary Heads (NPH) and is a well-known speaker. He is the author of several books and has written for school leaders and teachers on inspection, learning, literacy and leadership. Bill is an excellent role model for others and recognised as one of the nicest and most engaging characters in the field of Education.

Bill was instrumental in the career of Mr Ronane and has been a friend and mentor for many years. He was responsible for introducing Mr Ronane to the school and he became a Member of the newly created, Ickford Learning Trust in 2016. Bill is proactive in visiting the school and supporting all members of staff particularly the teachers who value his support and enthusiasm. 

Winners of the award receive a trophy to keep as well as having their names added to the Laar Award Honours Board which remains in the school on display.

Bill Laar