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Ickford School

School Library

Reading is fundamental in the life of a pupil at Ickford.       
We love books and are very proud of every child’s
engagement with the written word and the way in
which reading is celebrated as a life long pastime for
pleasure and for purpose.

We have a wonderful range of books in school and they are one of the first things that you see when you enter the building because, rather than confined to one room, our library is everywhere! Every child has access to the library right from their very first week in school and they can sit and use the library throughout the day to read alone, share books with others and to chat with their friends.

Our library is organised and managed by Mrs Winfield and her team of librarians from KS2 but their job is made easier by the fact that every child recognises that our books need to be looked after and cared for properly. Mrs Winfield is responsible for purchasing new books and for keeping up to date with new publications but she takes advice from the children through the suggestions boxes where pupils write their recommendations and wishes!

Our Libresoft on-line system is easy to use and can be accessed via the Internet from your home. The site has opportunities to search for titles and authors and to leave reviews of books so that others can read about them.