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Ickford School

School Governing Body

Hello, and a very warm welcome from the Ickford Governors.  We are proud to be a part of this exceptional educational setting and have a deep and passionate investment in the life of this school.

Governors are one of the largest groups of volunteers in the UK.  A governing body is made up of members of the school and local community, be they teachers, parents of children at the school or members of the wider community, all of whom work alongside the headteacher to ensure the very best education for your child.  Our governing board is made up of a real variety of people, all of whom bring different strengths, experience and perspectives to the table. 

The business of governing is not one that involves doing the work of the school, but is concerned with supporting, with providing expertise when needed, and providing checks and balances.  The school has an accountability to the governing body and we in turn have an accountability to you, parents.  The governors’ role is one of oversight and includes the following:

- we provide a strategic view of the school

- the Headteacher is appointed by the governing board and is accountable to it

- we monitor and evaluate the work of the school

- we ensure parents are involved, consulted and informed

- Ickford School is an Academy and governors have full responsibility for good financial management.

Ickford’s governing body are very familiar faces to the children and teachers as we like to take a hands-on role at school.  Although the majority of our work takes place in our regular meetings (both the full governing board and sub committees) we also love the time we spend in assemblies and classrooms.  Every class at Ickford has an ‘attached’ governor who will visit throughout the year in order to get to know the children and our classroom staff.  As you can imagine, these visits are inspiring, engaging and often rather funny!

We are extremely proud of how the school has developed over recent years moving from strength to strength, not only in terms of academic success but in the curriculum that is on offer as well as the strong feeling of collective purpose that suffuses everything that happens here.  We believe that the strong vision of the headteacher allows all members of the school, both staff and children, to be confident in the approach and direction to expect.  Standards are very high and expectations drive teaching and learning forward.  We see a staff who are dedicated to providing an outstanding level of education and children who thrive, building a life-long love of learning.

If you are interested to learn more about what we do, please feel free to browse the documents attached below or get in touch for more information.  We are always more than happy to hear from parents with queries, questions, and feedback.