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Ickford School

School Council and House System

Ickford’s School Council is made up of classroom representatives from each year group elected democratically by their classmates.

The Council meets on a regular basis and works with a member of staff on a number of projects including keeping their Blog, The Ickford Citizen, updated.

The School Council reps regularly canvas their classes for ideas and suggestions and each class also has a specified ‘drop box’ where children can post any ideas they have for the School Council or issues that they would like raised with the leadership of the school.

Pupils at Ickford are allocated a House either Blue, Green, Red or Yellow, when they join the school in Reception. Each House has a Captain and Vice-Captain who are responsible for leading their House as role models and ensuring that their House is represented in competitions and collect any ‘points’ awarded throughout the year.

House competitions take place each half term and a cup is awarded to the winners. The highlight of the sporting calendar is the School Sports Day when the Houses compete against each other for the House Sports Cup.

House points are awarded throughout the year particularly for effort and for work that goes beyond the normal expectations. Children who receive awards during the weekly Celebration Assembly are also awarded House points and collect them from the Headteacher. Accumulated House Points are recorded throughout the year and a running total published on the website. At the end of the year, the House with the highest number of points wins the coveted House Cup.