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Ickford School

Covid - 19 Remote Learning Provision

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Ickford School is trying its best to ensure that every child still receives an education in line with its aims and mission statement.

Our provision for remote learning is based on the recognition that not every family has equal access to electronic devices or an Internet connection suitable to solely web based activities and virtual classrooms.

During periods of 'Lockdown':

 Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

  • Children are provided with a new exercise books for Literacy work and complete tasks set by the class teacher on a daily basis.
  • Children are given physical Numeracy tasks to complete or tasks that they can print and complete on paper on a daily basis.
  • Each child is provided with a number bond key ring to practise with.
  • Each child has a sight word recognition key ring for 5 minute practise each day.
  • Each child is provided with pattern, letter formation and numeral formation templates and tracing paper to practise for 10 minutes every day.
  • Every child is expected to read with an adult each day. Reading scheme books are changed on a weekly basis.
  • Parents use the Evidence Me application to engage with the Class teacher.

Key Stage 1

  • Every child in Year 1 and Year 2 is given a Numeracy and Literacy exercise book for home use.
  • Every child is given a pen, pencil and ruler for use at home.
  • Children are expected to complete up to one hour of Numeracy learning each day. Activities are planned by the Class teacher and sent out each week day.
  • Children are expected to complete up to one and a half hours of Literacy based work each day including, writing, reading and spelling activities.
  • Every child is expected to read with an adult each day. Reading scheme books for Year 1 are changed on a weekly basis.
  • Each child completes daily handwriting practise tasks sent by Class Teacher.

Key Stage 2

  • Every child in Key Stage 2 is given a Literacy and Numeracy exercise book for home use.
  • Every child is given a Numeracy Text Book.
  • Every child is given a pen, pencil, ruler and any other necessary equipment for use at home.
  • Years 3, 4 and 5 are expected to complete one hour each day of Numeracy either from tasks designed by the Class Teacher or using a set textbook.
  • Children in Year 6 complete up to one and a half hours of Numeracy each day either from challenges designed by the teacher or using a set text book.
  • All children in Key Stage 2 are expected to complete one and a half hours of Literacy each day including spelling tasks and reading.
  • Literacy tasks for all children may be cross-curricular and involve Science, History, and Geography.
  • Children in Year 6 may have challenges in French to complete.
  • Every child in Key Stage 2 should practise multiplication tables each day.
  • All children in Key Stage 2 are set a weekly challenge using the My Maths on line programme.
  • Children in Year 6 are encouraged to keep up with world events and to watch the News or Newsround.


Children are provided with materials to use and new exercise books, they are expected to present their learning s they would do in the classroom under the supervision of a Class Teacher.


Every child's work is reviewed and used to form assessment. Children hand in work when an exercise book is completed and exchanged.

Children hand in work when they return to school.

Children are able to photograph work and e-mail it to the school.

Children are able to email photographs of learning to the school for publication on the website (See Lockdown Home Schooling Gallery).


Teachers differentiate tasks and challenges accordingly and extension work is provided on learning activity plans each day. Children in the same year group may also have different Numeracy text books.

Learning Support Register

There are a number of children who for a variety of reasons may receive some support with their learning above the normal Class Teacher provision. Each child has an individual Support Plan and some have an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP). During lockdown periods, we aim to offer in-school provision for children with an EHCP but we work in partnership with parents when making any decisions in the best interest of the individual child. Other children on the Learning Support Register may or may not receive in-school provision according to the needs of the parents and the child.

Home learning  activities for children who would normally receive support in the classroom is differentiated to suit their needs. 

The families of children on the register are contacted regularly throughout lockdown periods to check up on progress and engagement.

Children who self-isolate or shield after a return to school based learning

If, for any Covid-19 related reason, a child has to self -isolate or stay away from school in order to protect a vulnerable family member, then learning activity provision for home schooling continues as described above.

Virtual Classrooms

At times, teachers may arrange a 'Class Meet' using Zoom.


Class teachers may use our Vimeo Platform to record story telling or video messages for the children.

Class teachers may also use Vimeo as a platform for pre-recorded lessons.

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Year 2
Year 2


Year 4
Year 4
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