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Ickford School

Ickford’s High Standards Recognised

For the past four years in a row, we have been delighted at Ickford to receive letters from the Rt Hon Nick Gibb the Minister of State for Educational Standards, congratulating us on our tremendous results at KS2 and our position in the top 1% of State Funded Primary Schools in the United Kingdom. We were even more pleased that the letter received in 2018 assured us that the school was not only in the top 1% but in fact the top 0.1% of schools for English and Maths results. Although we only receive a simple letter, it is still gratifying to get some recognition for all of the hard work the teaching staff put in to ensuring the children at Ickford receive the best possible education we can provide.

After several years of requesting an inspection, we were finally visited by Ofsted in the penultimate week of the 2018 Autumn term and, despite the timing, the whole experience was a resounding success with the Inspector concluding that we be recommended for a full section 5 inspection as soon as possible. In the current system, a school’s Ofsted rating can only be changed from ‘good’ to ‘outstanding’ through a section 5 inspection and only when an inspector believes that the school has indisputably improved since their previous inspection and deserves to be judged against different criteria.

“I am of the opinion that the school has demonstrated strong practice and marked improvement in specific areas. This may indicate that the school has improved significantly overall. Therefore, I am recommending that the school’s next inspection be a section 5 inspection. You lead the school with passion and dedication, and you are determined that each and every pupil will excel at everything they experience. Together with the assistant Headteacher, you have ensured that all members of your community contribute to your vision of excellence. You have set high expectations for staff, which they have risen to, with commitment. Staff unanimously agree that they are proud to work at the school. Morale is high.” (Ofsted 2018)

We await the next inspection and we have requested to have it as early as possible. The staff and pupils at Ickford thoroughly deserve the recognition and hope that the section 5 will be a real cause for celebration.